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Mr. Dennis Harvey has created Bee In Motion, a mobile movement therapy workshop, as a means for students and young adults of all abilities to explore self-expression and non-verbal communications through movement and music.

a photo of Dennis Harvey leading a Bee In Motion sessionIn conjunction with a licensed Occupational Therapist, Mr. Harvey has developed a repertoire of movement exercises that stimulate changes in brain chemistry and effect positive alterations in emotions, thoughts, physical functioning and behaviors. Mr. Harvey facilitates a forty-five minute workshop that incorporates music, singing, instrument playing and parachute work into a cohesive series of therapeutic exercises that provide sensory stimulation and social inclusion for up to twenty participants.

Based on the understanding that the body, mind and spirit are interrelated, movement therapy is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association as the psychotherapeutic use of movement to further emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the individual. At all times, Mr. Harvey strives to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning regardless of ability. He has created Bee In Motion as a vehicle to encourage self-discovery in others and to promote the expression of inner feelings through music and movement.

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Spring Bash Dance

June 23rd from 6–8 pm
at Independence Square
25 West Independence Way
Kingston, RI 02881

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We are pleased to announce that
Bee in Motion is now a non-profit!

Our hard work has paid off and we've been certified as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We hope to use our new non-profit status to bring movement, music, and self-expression to an even greater audience in the future. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Bee in Motion please contact us for more information.

"In my opinion, this program is the best one my students participate in and has had the most long lasting effect on them of all the specials that they attend."
— Lynn Padula
the Bee In Motion bee
"I think it is a credit to our school system, that a young man who was once a student of our 230 day program, now provides services to the same population."
— Susan Koerner